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No one wants to receive a house salad that is so covered with water that the salad dressing runs off of the leaves. Your customers can be turned off by drooping soggy lettuce. They want a crisp, flavorful refreshing salad. But you still need to wash your salad greens. What do you do?

Take your salad for a spin.

The Chef-Master 90005 is a 5-gallon commercial grade salad dryer. It can hold 5-6 average sized heads of lettuce at one time. A comfortable finger grip handle decreases operator fatigue. The rust-resistant, commercial grade, chrome-plated crank shaft and the sealed gearbox create a sanitary environment, prevent cross contamination, and make it easy to clean. The Chef-Master 90005 has a patented, innovative braking system that increases the life of the salad spinner gears.

The salad spinner is easy to use. Load up your quantities of chopped lettuce or separated salad greens (up to 5 or 6 average sized heads of lettuce can fit). Place the lid on securely, grip the crank's handle and go for a spin. Remove your salad greens and either use them immediately or refrigerate them for use in the near future.

  • Built-In Brake Extends Life of Gears
  • Sanitary Sealed Gearbox
  • Convenient Side Handles
  • Large 5 Gallon Capacity Accommodates Approximately 5-6 Heads of Lettuce