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Staub Cast Iron - Specialty Shaped Cocottes 3.75-qt Essential French Oven - Grenadine 11732487

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Staub cast iron product are individually crafted using time-honored manufacturing processes. Production includes a hundred visual or technical inspection points to ensure that each item fulfills our uncompromising quality standards. With their fine quality and exquisite enamel finish, Staub products go elegantly from the kitchen to the table. The outer surfaces receive at least two coats of enamel using an innovative technique. Cast iron, a carbon-rich iron alloy, naturally possesses outstanding heat-retaining qualities. Pots and pans heat evenly throughout, with no drop in temperature. Ingredients retain their nutritional value and full flavors. Meat does not dry out and vegetables stay moist. These beautiful cast iron products go easily from stove top to oven to table for serving.