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Zwilling Pro Tools Swivel Peeler 37160-036

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Hard peel, delicious center. Fruit and vegetables often have to be peeled before further preparation, a task that's particularly easy with the right kitchen gadget. The ZWILLING Pro series swivel peeler is ideal for round peeling and its ergonomic design makes the task much easier. The movable twin blade is sharp on both sides to peel in both directions. The vegetable peeler's design is perfectly adapted to the task: The blade slits are positioned to prevent peel from becoming caught up and the blade at the tip of the moveable peeler effortlessly removes eyes and bruising. Internationally known designers Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez place particular importance on minimalistic design in the Pro series to ensure that it remains contemporary even years from now and still looks good in any kitchen. The uniform design language of the series means that all the kitchen gadgets visually complement each other to create a harmonious overall impression. The premium quality stainless steel is hygienically designed to avoid any unnecessary seams. This means that the vegetable peeler is dishwasher-safe, sturdy, durable and corrosion- free.